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Mark Chironna | Life Coaching

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June 22, 2007
 “The Destiny Development Digest” Volume 1

Self confidence is all about your confidence in your powers and abilities. When you are confident in your powers and abilities, you are not afraid to be ASSERTIVE. People that are afraid to be assertive lack real self-confidence. I am not referring here to being an ego-maniac or being braggadocio. I am referring to an ability to influence and persuade others based on your confidence in who you are and what you are capable of doing both for other and with others.

The TONE OF YOUR VOICE reveals how self-confident you really are to the person or persons you are speaking to. All things being equal, the TONE and SOUND of your voice is probably more important than the words you are speaking. Don’t get me wrong, words are important and words are powerful, and words CREATE FEELINGS. However, if your VOICE TONE lacks self-confidence you will give your hearers a sense of uncertainty about your abilities and your claims. A whiny voice is not a self-confident voice, and neither is an upset voice for that matter. The volume of your voice and the way you emphasize your words (particularly where you emphasize your syllables) is an indicator of how much self-confidence you convey to others when you speak. 

Self-confidence is never more revealed than in your words and your gestures. There are actually about 10 Keys to developing strong self-confidence and assertiveness skills. If you would like to work on all ten, order a copy of my TEN KEYS TO POISE AND POWER today on CD for $15. Call the number below, and order it with your credit card and I will send it to you. If you want to really develop powerful assertiveness skills and reveal genuine self-confidence even in the face of challenges, develop this aspect of your destiny now!

Mark J. Chironna, M.A., PhD

Single unit communication-coaching sessions on specific areas of development are now available. Your skill at communication will determine your success in life. Each unit is $125 (1/2 the price for normal coaching). A session-unit lasts 30 minutes; its effects will linger for a lifetime.

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•    If you want to develop win-win relationships with your words
•    If you want to master the sequences of persuasion

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