Though the title in front of certified life coach Mark Chironna's name says doctor, the man is more like a detective. Armed with doctoral degree in theology and a master's psychology, and a certified trainer’s trainer in NLP, as well as the creative art of music, he has passionately devoted his life to helping others achieve the fulfilling lives for which they long. He is a locksmith in possession of the key that throws open the door to a person's greatest potential. He accomplishes this by helping everyday people crack the combination to their Destiny Code.

"Destiny Code is tied to the uniqueness of who we are and what we are becoming," Dr. Chironna explains. "Within each one of us, there is a way of being―and knowing the potential of what we can become―that is unique to us. Cracking this ‘Code of Destiny’ sets us free from trying to be someone that we are not...for no one can fulfill their intended destiny except the person who possesses it."

Over 34 years of devoted service, Dr. Chironna has counseled people around the globe. He has put in over 2,500 hours of life coaching with individuals on a one-on-one basis. In his home base of Orlando, Florida, he is the pastor of a church that serves several thousand people. As an author, his texts―which include Stepping into Greatness, Beyond the Shadow of Doubt and his self-published Tripping Over Your Treasure―have been motivational best sellers. And his seminars, which take him all over the world and have been translated into several languages on CD and DVD, have altered the life paths of millions.

"Most people lead quiet lives of desperation because they don't know how to tap their greater potential," Dr. Chironna reflects. "There are simple things we can do, outlooks and attitudes that we can develop that can bring us to an exquisite style of life." Dr. Chironna stresses balance and synchronicity―to be goal oriented but to also enjoy and appreciate the here and now because THAT'S one of the keys to getting where we want to be. But the greatest hurdle is the epidemic lack of self-esteem. a genuine feeling of respect and value people need for themselves. "Every one of us has the potential to accomplish so much more than most of us ever do," Chironna continues. "Unfortunately, when we go to school and learn the '3 R's,' we're not taught how to develop a healthy self-esteem―a factor that, even when we stumble, can help us to reinvent ourselves for our greater phase of life."

Dr. Chironna's steps toward Destiny Development begin with Healing and extend into processes for Empowerment, which leads to profound personal Transformation. "Destiny is looked upon sort of vaguely today," Dr. Chironna laments, "but Greek philosophers such as Socrates and Plato spent a lot of time musing and talking about it. We need to reacquaint ourselves with this inner process in order to achieve our goals."

Honoring his long-served sense of purpose, Chironna states, "I've experienced the grace of self actualization to realize that my responsibility at that point is to help others experience that same grace."