How does it work/look?

The base coaching is twelve 30 minute phone sessions over the course of three months (4 calls per month). You are in charge of the session as coaching is “client-directed”. You are responsible to call in for your coaching call on time every week and be prepared to know where you want to go in each session and what you want to get out of each session.  You take on as much homework/ homeplay as you choose, and most of the learning/growth/action/results happen between the calls.

I'm not interested in replacing what you would do on your own. I want to add to what you would do on your own.

Who are your clients?

Anyone who is ready to make changes in their life, and/or to really go for what they want are great clients. Many of my clients are normally successful in many areas of their life, yet they are seeking balance and fulfillment in other areas. Some clients are facing challenges and setbacks and have been in a season of being out of sync and out of sorts and want to get back into the “flow” of peak performance. Many are seeking to identify their own destiny patterns and destiny codes and align their lives with their greater purpose. I have entrepreneurs seeking to take their business ventures to another level. Others are interested in being coached in relation to their essence and their sense of esteem and well being. Can you ever have too much awareness about your essence and esteem? I doubt it.  All in all my clients come from every walk of life, they are all unique and successful in their own way or on their way to their signature presence and purpose

What does coaching provide?

Every client is unique. Each has unique needs because of their unique factor. Many times I hear things like “I want to close the gap between where I am and where I want to be”; or I hear words like: accountability, motivation, success, focus, balance, validation, affirmation, and others. One of my desires is that my clients have fun in the process and learn to celebrate where they are and activate their hidden resources to get to where they really really want to be!

Do you have any Specialties?

I do the following:

•    Entrepreneur Coaching
•    Life Coaching
•    Relationship Coaching
•    Dream Interpretation Coaching
•    Executive Coaching
•    Management Coaching
•    Public Speaking Coaching

How long would we work together?

For the most part we begin with a minimum three month coaching agreement. Usually what happens is that clients wish to continue anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, and others continue indefinitely because of the benefits they derive from it. It all depends on you and what your needs, wants, and personal objectives are. The minimum again however is 3 months in order to fully obtain the benefits of the coaching alliance.