Life Coaching with Dr. Chironna

Client understands and agrees to receive 4 Coaching sessions per month in that if Coaching service is conducted by telephone, the Client is entitled to 4 calls of 30 minutes each per month in return for a fee of $1000 per month: and that additional time may be verbally authorized and billed at a rate of $50.00 per 15 minutes

Additional Understandings: Client may elect to pay 3 months in advance in order to obtain a $250.00 discount, and will be charged $200.00 the first month only for The Winslow Profile (valued at up to $400.00 with the consultation and Coaching session that goes with it).

Single unit communication-coaching sessions on specific areas of development are now available. Your skill at communication will determine your success in life. Each unit is $125 (1/2 the price for normal coaching). A session-unit lasts 30 minutes; its effects will linger for a lifetime.

  • If you desire to be proactive and become a skilled communicator with family, friends, co-workers
  • If you want to improve your position in the marketplace
  • If you have been told you don't listen well to others
  • If you stumble over your words or find it difficult to know exactly what to say
  • If you want to learn how to think on your feet
  • If you want to improve your sales presentations
  • If you want to develop win-win relationships with your words
  • If you want to master the sequences of persuasion

Or if you want to master any area of communication skill, call Misty at 407-641-4262, pre-pay for the single session, and set an appointment on the specific area of coaching in communication you desire.