The Destiny Development Profile

Learn how to overcome the few constraints that are holding you back from your greatest achievements.

Discover the 24 Core Characteristics of Your Personality

Our flagship assessment measures 24 key personality traits that dramatically influence the success and effectiveness of individuals striving for peak performance.
This assessment is literally the "Gold Standard" in behavioral assessments. It is used for selection or personal development by individuals and organizations in all fields.
Taken online in less than one hour, assessment results are available immediately. Once purchase is complete, detailed instructions will be emailed.

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  1. Discover the 24 Core Characteristics of Your Personality
  2. Learn how to overcome the few constraints that are holding you back from your greatest achievements

Utilize the FIVE-STEP PROCESSES of DDPâ„¢ (Destiny Development Processing) and:

  • UNBLOCK your life of the obstacles that stand in your way
  • UNLOCK your potential and honor your destiny codes
  • ACTIVATE your powers of cognition, perception, affection, and volition
  • EMPOWER your life from the inside-out
  • TRANSFORM your current state until it becomes your desired state

Develop Your Destiny Lifestyle with DDPâ„¢ Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting Programs

If you are ready to make the connection between IDENTITY and DESTINY, then you are ready to explore and identify your DESTINY CODES. When you identify your destiny codes you will be able to:

  • Recognize your destiny patterns
  • Understand your destiny patterns
  • Cooperate with your destiny patterns

You want to live a fully conscious and fully awake life don’t you? Don’t you want to know where you are going and how come it is you both want and have to go there?
When you can identify and recognize your destiny codes you will:

  • Enhance your esteem and improve your personal performance
  • Manage Conflict
  • Maintain Clear Boundaries
  • Know the overall outcomes you desire to achieve
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Unleash the kind of creativity that overcomes the constraints of your past and embraces the powerful pull of your future

Single unit communication-coaching sessions on specific areas of development are now available. Your skill at communication will determine your success in life. Each unit is $125 (1/2 the price for normal coaching). A session-unit lasts 30 minutes; its effects will linger for a lifetime.

  • If you desire to be proactive and become a skilled communicator with family, friends, co-workers
  • If you want to improve your position in the marketplace
  • If you have been told you don't listen well to others
  • If you stumble over your words or find it difficult to know exactly what to say
  • If you want to learn how to think on your feet
  • If you want to improve your sales presentations
  • If you want to develop win-win relationships with your words
  • If you want to master the sequences of persuasion
  • Or if you want to master any area of communication skill, call my secretary Misty, pre-pay for the single session, and set an appointment on the specific area of coaching in communication you desire.